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In Moldova the second wave of a pork flu

30 has begun - the summer inhabitant of Kishinev is hospitalised with the diagnosis: flu A (H1N1). The most terrible that the woman is on the fifth month of pregnancy - illness threatens not only to it, but also the yet not born child.

Minister of Health Vladimir Hotinjatnu asserts that in Moldova the second wave pandemicheskogo a flu has begun. And doctors warn that it can be even more dangerous, than the first.

In a week to Moldova deliver 400 tasjach doses protivogrippoznoj vaccines. This party is intended for children from 2 - h to 16 - and years. The vaccine to Moldova will be given by World Health Organization, and is gratuitous.

For today protivogrippoznuju a vaccine have received 300 thousand citizens of Moldova. In warehouses remained 200 thousand more the doses given to Moldova by the government of Romania.

Pandemichesky flu A (H1N1) became a cause of death of 46 citizens of Moldova. And all over the world from it 4 thousand persons were lost more than 16.