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Deputies have squabbled from - for cooperation of Moldova with the CIS

It was a question of acceptance in two readings of the Interstate program of the CIS on struggle against criminality on 2008 - 2010. Some deputies have counted the document illogical whereas others, to the contrary, have praised the program and have supported its signing.

the document was represented by Minister of Internal Affairs Victor Katan. He has declared that the program is not useful to Moldova as it is confirmed too late.

temporarily fulfilling duties of the president of the country and the chairman of parliament Mihaj Gimpu has told that our country has already subscribed under the agreement on struggle against criminality. In Kazakhstan.

- we cannot sign any document arriving from the CIS, the exception becomes only for what concern an economic line, - has declared Mihaj Gimpu.

Meanwhile deputies of democratic party have insisted on the program statement, having added that it is not necessary to create problems for no reason.

- it is better to struggle with criminality and not to quarrel. We vote and wish success to colleagues who will be engaged in realisation of this plan - honourable chairman DPM Dmitry Djakov has underlined.

the program of the Commonwealth of Independent States has been accepted by majority of votes. Before passing to voting, Mihaj Gimpu has underlined that the document will be accepted with the big restraint.

- as eks - the chairman of the CIS I ask to vote, - the speaker has bitten.