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The strong blizzard and snow drifts

approach Spring cannot still come into the own. Like and the wind has already exchanged on southern, however, it and has brought again in region plentiful snowfalls.
According to the data of central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures across Yaroslavl region, on March, 19th snow, and places strong, a blizzard again is expected. Impulses of a southern wind to 15 - 18 m/ will amplify with that will lead to snow drifts. To a glaze ice on roads visibility deterioration will be added also.

weather Surprises will raise probability of occurrence of the emergency situations connected with functioning of objects of life-support, breakage LEP and communication lines, difficulties in work of all types of transport, infringements in housing and communal services system, dorozhno - public utilities, increase in quantity of road accident, chances of a traumatism among the population.

Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures have already developed the list of admonitory actions on a case of occurrence of unforeseen situations and have dispatched to their heads of municipal unions and city districts.

on March, 20th in Yaroslavl region weather remains cloudy, deposits are possible. A wind western, jugo - western 6 - 11 m/ with. Temperature of air at night
- 2... - 7 degrees, in the afternoon -   0... +5. On roads the glaze ice in places is saved.