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In Kyrgyzstan two employees Bishkekgaza two employees " have suffered on duty

In Kyrgyzstan; Bishkekgaza have suffered on duty. On it informs a press - Open Society service Kyrgyzgaz .

Under its data, the prevention of stopping delivery of natural gas for the non-payment, made living in 6 - m capital microdistrict in the house to 23 subscriber, has turned back a brain concussion for the controller of a site. Traumas were put by the spouse of the subscriber.

According to suffered, subscriber A.Sidjakina did not pay for the used natural gas since September, 2009. The debt total sum has made about 2 thousand catfishes .

Some times the controller of a site did preventions by Sidjakinoj about that that has liquidated a debt, negotiations went by phone or through the closed door. The controller in apartment did not start up - it is told in the message.

However on March, 15th, 2010 the employee Bishkekgaza has tried to block the crane. For it the owner of apartment has beaten it and has poured boiled water, - inform in Open Society - the Controller has put in the statement in October ROVD cities of Bishkek .

Besides, during mass check of indications of counters the mechanic - the inspector of service of gas networks Bishkekgaza S.Zamullo injured a foot. The dog of the subscriber has attacked it directly at the moment of removal of indications of the counter .