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In Saratov the tram

state of emergency has lighted up has occurred today, on March, 19th, about eight mornings, nearby to SHI. The tram 11 routes has lighted up. The frightened passengers have jumped out on street - the caustic smoke has instantly filled salon.

- the Fire extinguisher in salon was not, fire showered with snow. The driver rushed about about a tram, any woman, whether the passenger, whether the conductor, has run to catch cars, to ask the fire extinguisher, - the reader who has called in edition has told.

In Sargorelektrotranse the happened have confirmed, truth have assured that kindling was insignificant.

- From - for the big humidity on rails the conducting which is under the car has lighted up.   decaying isolation has started to smoke and   it is unpleasant to smell, it is visible and has frightened passengers.   On norms in a tram should be either the fire extinguisher, or a box with sand, - the deputy director on operation MUPP " has told; Sargorelektrotrans Alexander Medvedev. - but think, if at us in tram cars to hang up fire extinguishers, them will instantly steal. Therefore basically we use sand. It all kindlings also fall asleep.

According to Medvedev during state of emergency nobody has suffered, movement 11 - go has been restored in a current of 30 minutes.