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In the near future we will convert all our power system

Realization of the civil-engineering design of a high-voltage line Ah - Gultash - Samat and substation reconstruction Samat in Ljajljaksky area will allow to provide independence of the given area and the city of Suljukty of a neighbouring country power system - the president of KR Kurmanbek Bakiev has declared today during ceremony of a bookmark of a capsule under the first support of a high-voltage line Ah - Gultash - Samat in the city of Batkene. On it informs a press - service of secretary of the head of the state.

Under its information, the head of the state, addressing to participants of ceremony, has noticed that the beginning of building of the given electroline is significant event for region and the country as a whole.

By data a press - services, this large-scale project is financed at the expense of the credit of Islamic bank of development (IBR) and Open Society means National electric network of Kyrgyzstan . Enterprise GTMN is branch of known French company INEO (INEO), work having a wide experience in sphere of building of electrolines. The company successfully realised some projects in Chujsky, Issyk - Kulsky, Talassky areas. At its participation the electroline " has been constructed; Alaj - Ah - Gultash in Batkensky area. the country takes confident steps to achievement of power independence. In the near future we will convert all our power system - has assured Kurmanbek Bakiev.