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Murmanchan invite to look on the City inside out

It is black - the white photo never needed advertising. Long time it on a broader scale was is unique accessible graphic means of photoart. Then the colour which come to it in the stead and has won hearts of broad masses of users of cameras, has left is black - white vision of the world to the tempted judges of photoart. Today, thanks to occurrence of digital technologies, this direction endures the rebirth.

the Author of an exhibition Diana Hramova was born in Murmansk in 1987, has ended Murmansk polytechnical lycee. Today the student 5 courses of Murmansk state technical university. Is fond of theatrical art, music, a photo, sports, writes verses.

- At an exhibition murmanchane will see a city on the other hand -   a city to the contrary . Expressive simplicity and laconicism of works are reached by skilful game with contrast range and colour, ability to see original plots and   creative thinking of the author, - tell   organizers of an exhibition - employees of Murmansk regional scientific library.

the Exhibition has opened on the third floor nauchki, in a conference - to a hall.