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Employees vladimirskiy tsentrala - on a dock

One of these days the Frunze district court has sentenced the employee of the vladimirskiy prison (T - 2) Maksimova to three years of imprisonment conditionally for attempt to carry by denounced a mobile phone and the charger. It is established that Maxims (the psychologist of laboratory FBU T - 2, the senior lieutenant of internal service) has received for the illegal service of 7000 roubles. It has been caught red-handed by transfer parcels .

In the near future courts wait for receipt of new affairs in the relation of employees of the vladimirskiy management of Federal Agency of execution of punishments. On March, 5th, 2010 at a cinema kinomaks - the Petrel other employee " has been detained; tsentrala . The senior lieutenant of internal service has received 5000 roubles for a pronose in a zone a mobile phone . Have detained him UFSINovtsy during reception of money. As well as one more colleague.

on March, 15th, 2010 at a front entrance in shopping centre the Tandem has been detected in the act at reception of money (6000 roubles) for transfer of a cellular telephone employee IK - 2 (a city a Holy Protection) the major of internal service.

In both cases materials are directed to investigating bodies for the decision of a question on excitation of criminal cases.

from employees of establishments and bodies criminally - executive system of area it is possible to inform On the facts of corruption round the clock on to a telephone hotline (4922 37 - 55 - 26. Anonymity is guaranteed.