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In Ulyanovsk starts the Actor - 2010

the Fourth regional festival of theatres the Actor - 2010 this year will open on April, 24th. It is devoted memory of the National actor of the Russian Federation, the winner of the State award of the Russian Federation Boris Aleksandrova. By tradition on strict court of spectators the best prime ministers of a season will present six regional theatres: the Ulyanovsk drama theatre of I.Goncharov, Theatre of the young spectator Nebolshoy theatre Theatre - studio Enfant - terrible Theatre of dolls of V.Leontevoj, Dimitrovgradsky drama theatre of A.N.Ostrovsky, Dimitrovgradsky theatre - studio the Podium .

All of them will struggle for the special award Advancement . Besides, there will be other nominations of competition - the brightest impression of festival the Best performance the Best actor the Best actress the award of a name of Yury Kopylov and others. Will estimate statements heads of department of culture and archival business of area and representatives of the public. Winners declare at ceremony on March, 27th.

the Guest of honour of festival the Actor - 2010 there is a National actress of Russia Irina Miroshnichenko.

Besides it, from April, 1 till April, 4th within the limits of festival will pass tours of the Moscow Chamber theatre under the direction of national actor Yakunin. Capital actors will show four performances for adults and two for children.

In the opening day the Actor in Ulyanovsk drama theatre participants and judges will take part in solemn procession on a red path, and on the improvised scenic platform at an input of spectators harlequins and clowns will meet.

- the Actor - 2010 will show us some director`s willfulness, - organizers of action inform. - The honoured worker of arts of Russia Lyudmila Gavrilova has changed the author`s ending of performance the Water-nymph the art director - studios Enfant - Terrible the winner of the national theatrical award the Gold mask Dmitry Aksenov combined for the first time on a theatrical scene of the play of Mrozheka the Serenade and Karol in uniform statement, and the national actor of Russia Yury Kopylov in the co-authorship with the artist, the winner of the State award of Russia, Stanislav Shavlovsky have shifted time of action of the play of A.Ostrovsky - P.Nevezhina the Whim for 30 years, with 70 - h years by a boundary XIX - the XX-th centuries.


IV Festival breaks records of duration and geographical extents : solemn opening the Actor - 2010 has taken place on March, 24th, 2010 on a scene of the Ulyanovsk drama theatre of a name And. And. Goncharov, and closing will thunder on a scene of Dimitrovgradsky drama theatre of a name of A.N.Ostrovsky 10   April.

For the first time at Festival will be two endings: by tradition in the International day of theatre, on March, 27th, on a scene of the Ulyanovsk drama theatre delivery of awards " will take place; the Actor and solemn closing of Festival is given on April, 10th a scene of Dimitrovgradsky drama theatre of name A   N   Ostrovsky.