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Lithuania official is afraid of Russian more than Latvia and Estonia

Only on three sites of official bodies is possibility to familiarise with its maintenance in Russian.

the network sheet of the Diet of Lithuania, Migratory service and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs concerns that. On others there is only English and Lithuanian language.

Recently on a site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs wanted to get acquainted with rules of replacement of identification cards. Earlier, how much I remember, there always there was an icon with a flag of Russia. But now is absent. Though I speak on - litovski, the law text is easier conceived in a native language - the inhabitant of Vilnius Irakly Sokolovsky complained.

the Man was not too lazy and has called in information department where has heard that the site is issued according to the law. Icons with a flag of Russia are not present even on important for all society sites of Labour exchange, the Ministry of Labour and social protection, self-management of Vilnius where lives considerable quantity of the Russian-speaking population. Couple of years back icons with a flag of Russia were located everywhere.

It is absurd, Sokolovsky, after all to inhabitants of capital and its visitors, speaking on other languages is assured, not always under force to read the information in the Lithuanian or English languages.

In 2005 the Diet of the country has passed the law on the General order of conducting sites of establishments where it is specified that the information is located on other languages necessarily: Why then heads of the majority of sites consider that the information is necessary to inhabitants of Lithuania only in English. Really indeed foreigners come on the Labour exchange or Ministry of Agriculture site? - Sokolovsky questioned.

the Representative of department of Introduction of information technologies of the government of Lithuania has explained that in the country the state language law operates: All inhabitants passed examinations, therefore let expostulate on itself for unlearned language .

the bureaucrat has responded To a question why everywhere there is an information in English, that it demands the international diplomatic contract that workers of consulate could find that is necessary for them.

According to Department of statistics of Lithuania, in the country lives about 12 % of Russian-speaking inhabitants. Examinations were handed over only by employees of state institutions and interested persons.

it is strange, but the persons reading exclusively in English, in the country there lives only 1 %. But them respect in Lithuania more. But the Lithuanian inhabitants are respected by embassy of Russia on which site the icon with a flag of Lithuania is established. The necessary information can read and the Lithuanian.

the Note

Concerning multilingual sites and the information in Russian on the first place among three Baltic countries - Estonia. Many sites including state, have pages and sections in Russian. Probably, this consequence and more advanced Internet.

It is necessary to tell that in some cities of Severo - the East of Estonia even tablets with names of streets in Russian and even Russian names (Pushkin, Tchkalov, Gagarin were saved.) by the way, some tourists from Latvia and Lithuania specially photograph them to show it a miracle houses acquaintance.

Latvia takes a place in the middle, with the information in Russian it is a lot of sites, and here with inscriptions and tablets strictly, only on the state.