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Communists offer the Alliance an overcoming the crisis

Dear sirs!

it is already obvious to all that the political crisis endured by Republic Moldova, can be overcome exclusively on ways of a finding of a long-term parliamentary consensus. Common sense, the legal logic and Commission estimations for democracy through the right of the Council of Europe ( the Venetian commission ) Unequivocally confirm that,

In - the first, this consensus should be based exclusively on change of unique 78 articles the Constitutions (paragraph 3), defining procedure of election of the President;

In - the second, this consensus should be based on such updating of 78 articles of the Constitution of Republic Moldova which will allow to facilitate election of the head of the state in the future;

In - the third, such updating should be made in Parliament taking into account that the given changes will already extend on presidential elections Parliament of following convocation;

In - the fourth, this consensus is impossible without preliminary definition and the statement of date of dissolution of Parliament after June, 16th, and also an establishment of date of preschedule parliamentary elections.

no doubt that only political will, an openness to dialogue,   Sincere interest in overcoming of political crisis and fidelity to the European values will allow all parliamentary parties to reach the consent on all specified questions.

in the circumstances Party of communists, as the unique opposition party presented in Parliament to Republic Moldova as the political party representing interests of half of voters of the country, considers that given   the consent can be confirmed in the form of the document opened for a society - the Pact about political crisis overcoming .   Considering necessity of the joint co-ordinated legislative and political work of all parliamentary fractions, the given PACT should contain the accurate road map defining the maintenance of obligations and terms of their execution.

thus, leaning against logic of recommendations the Venetian commission and the maintenance of the Constitution of Republic Moldova,   It is obvious that the basic points of this the Road map there should be following actions:

1. Not later than March, 31st to achieve an intraparliamentary consensus on:

to the coordination of date of dissolution of Parliament, and also date of parliamentary elections,

Under the maintenance of new edition of 78 articles of the Constitution of Republic Moldova.

2. Not later than April, 2nd initiative granting on change of 78 articles of the Constitution in the Constitutional court of Republic Moldova;

3. The petition of all parliamentary fractions   in the Constitutional court about expediency of consideration of the given initiative not later than May, 20th.

At an estimation of the given offer it is important to consider doubtless promptness of achievement both the most given consensus and limitation in time for all above-stated decisions. Thereupon the Party of communists considers that practical possibility for an establishment of the given dialogue and signing the Pact about political crisis overcoming it is defined within March, 31st, 2010.

the Given Pact fastened by signatures of leaders of all parliamentary political parties, and also proxy European partners of Republic Moldova should return political process in the country in a legal field, and Republic   Moldova in area of predicted democratic development. From the moment of distribution of the given reference and till March, 31st, 2010 the Party of communists stops all initiatives on referendum preparation about a vote of no confidence to the authorities.

Vladimir VORONIN