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« Kostja has written the receipt that for the death asks nobody to blame »

the Future king mini - football and the senator from the Voronezh region was born on August, 5th, 1970 in Dnepropetrovsk. His mother worked as the teacher of the Ukrainian language, the father the engineer at local factory.

- We were on friendly terms from five years` age, I lived in devjatietazhke in the neighbourhood, - Vladimir Knysh tells. - In our court yard there was not absolutely usual football ground - under it there passed a heating main. Therefore even in the winter on it snow did not lie, and it was possible to play football. That we also did. We ran out on street in nine mornings and drove across the field of hours till 10 evenings. At times we even had to eat!

In the childhood the future king mini - football very painfullly conceived defeats of the domestic command. Time and again even cried from - for losses. Character at it was uneasy, very firm. He quite often fought with boys, proving the case.

At seven-year age of Kostja with Volodej have entered football section. And soon in Dnepropetrovsk the sports boarding school has opened, and they have passed there.

In 19 - summer age of Kostja has fallen in love with Oksana Ovcharenko   - the girl from this a sport boarding school, she was engaged in rowing. Soon they have got married, and a year later at them daughter Julja was born. Have lived together 10 years, time most part in Moscow. Have divorced at the initiative of the Bone, but Oksana loves it till now.

- Approximately in 28 years at the Bone have revealed a heart trouble, - Vladimir continues. - to it have performed difficult operation in Germany. And about five years ago physicians have spent one more heart operation and have strictly forbidden Koste to play football. But he has told that cannot live without football and has written the receipt that in case of the death asks nobody to blame.