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Advertising on TV in a prime - the time will be no more than 16 minutes at an o`clock

television advertising Volume in a prime - the time in Belarus can be reduced. However, only on two minutes: already now there is a restriction to 18, and Ministry of Trade suggests to reduce till 16 minutes at an o`clock. Will work in the ministry and with an advertising sound, informs BelTA.

work on the legislation on advertising is now conducted. Citizens are stirred very much with an advertising sound - we can observe sound jumps at switching of TV channels. To adjust this process very difficult technically. It is supposed to provide that the advertising sound should be below an average sound of transfers - Irina Narkevich has informed the deputy minister of trade of Belarus.

also intervals between advertising Till now were not regulated. It is now planned to make rupture between advertising blocks not less than 12 minutes.

That spectators did not confuse announcements to advertising, the ministry will try to settle and them. Announcements are going to place not among advertising, and between transfers or in transfer, for example, in the form of a pop-up window.