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In Tatarstan from the pensioner wanted to take away a unique goat from - for Village Soviet errors

87 - the summer inhabitant   Nizhnekamsk Munzija apa goes every day behind water to a well. Houses the waterpipe does not work for a long time. What its surprise when on March, 8th it has received the letter   was; - not with congratulations, and on the prevention that it has run into debt the considerable sum for water, for 7 months. Police officers threatened, if the veteran does not pay a debt, to take away from it a property part, including a unique goat of Ljubashu. The bookkeeper from the Village Soviet has confirmed to the grandmother that on it to court will submit. Read more in detail: In Nizhnekamsk at the grandmother for municipal debts want to select a goat.

- Money, money pay, speak, - Munzija   was indignant; Badrtdnova. -   And a column have come, have looked? In all street the same problem.

It has appeared what keep to the grandmother nerves could simple attention from the Village Soviet which representatives should inform on an idle waterpipe in housing and communal services - service.

- As soon as we receive such information, we inform on it in the Uniform financial settlements centre, - Arthur Hamhoev the director of Open Company ZHH - Service assures. - even to come to us it is not necessary.

In ERTS will count service cost for that period while waters were not, and send the new receipt.

For workers of the Village Soviet Nizhnekamsk journalists have informed on an idle waterpipe in a financial settlements centre. Here only they and have not understood, why business has reached that at Munzii apy were going to select a goat and property for a nonexistent debt though at the pensioner is   4 sons who live in Nizhnekamsk.