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Obama: the United States will not refuse support of operation of the NATO in Libya

Barack Obama on Wednesday has declared that its country will not refuse support of operation of the NATO in Libya. Participation of the American armies in operation completely corresponds to laws of the United States, he considers.

As NATO member state we will continue to support operation. It corresponds to our national interests and, eventually, we consider that it is correct... We have protected ten thousand citizens of Libya - head of the White house has told.

He has noticed that, as well as promised, operation will be limited on terms and volume of the American participation. In particular, it will not pass in an overland phase, mission will have only auxiliary character.

When journalists have asked the US president about, a leah breaks it the law on the military powers, limiting powers of the head of the state on application of military force abroad, Obama has declared that any infringements here does not see.

Transgressions about military powers are not present. Unlike war in Vietnam where there was almost one million our soldiers and ten thousand military men were lost, it is operation is limited - Obama who quotes RIA Novosti news agency has told.