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The native of Leningrad has got to the book of records of Ginnessa

Misha was born on coast of Neva, and has grown already behind ocean where has moved on the PERMANENT RESIDENCE. Has practised music. Some of compositions has laid out in the World Wide Web. There also have noticed one song which record has taken place already in October, 2010.

the single Name consists from... Forty four words. Some bloggers have tried to translate it. Attempt is not has gone right. And on the Internet there were comments that is the uttermost ahineja, instead of the name.

And here in youth magazine the Coeval children have thought - have thought and still have translated a single. And here that from this it has turned out.

When you feel that it is too overloaded by dialogue with people, execute simplifying transformations because some people simply exhaust thy energy; Float in time stream, however do not forget to release those who is clamped by fetters, reject fetters, execute simplifying transformations, but it is not necessary to be overstrained, rely on time. Is not present .

Well, as to you. Not poorly, yes!. As a result, after almost half a year, Michael has received the notification message that it was included into the book, as the author who has written a song with the longest name in the world.