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The centre of Vladivostok will be shined, as in Nice or Palermo

Svetlansky have rummaged for the sake of new lanterns.
a photo: Anastas TSAREVA

In the the Internet - a blog the head of Vladivostok has shared impressions of a press - conferences which has spent one of these days:

- This year, a question - as we will celebrate, one journalist has set only, the others parkings, public transport or objects of summit ATES which are built by a city interested, for example. I know that many are dissatisfied today with the dug over city, buildings, repairs and etc. And this discontent can be understood, any scale building – this inconvenience. However, all these inconveniences time. The mood of a city will change. By the way, about mood, already very soon in streets Svetlansky, Boundary, the Ocean prospectus, new beautiful lanterns, in ancient style will be lighted. Works on their installation too have called some disappointment, say, all centre have dug over. Really so, have dug over. But only present that when works will end, the centre of Vladivostok will be shined. As in Nice or Palermo.