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The four-year boy was lost, while mum and the grandmother slept

the Early passers-by hurrying for work, have found out in the house 10 along the street Pionerstroja a terrible find. On the earth the little boy lay. The child has dropped out of a window. The help of doctors was not required any more, the kid was lost instantly, this time the miracle does not happen.

- All has occurred from - for oversight of mother of the boy and its grandmother, - have explained in a press - service of Investigatory committee on Petersburg. – women slept at this time.

check is now conducted. Inspectors will make decision, leah to get criminal case.

Similar cases for a city on Neva, unfortunately, not a rarity. Several weeks ago the similar tragedy has occurred on the Big prospectus of the Petrograd party. The teenager has not followed the younger brother. The little boy has quietly stolen up to an open window and has dropped out on street. For life of the child physicians struggled, but all was vain, the kid has died in the car fast (read in a material the Brother of the boy who has dropped out of a window more in detail, left all on pair seconds )

Once again it is necessary to remind parents if you have small children, at all do not leave a window opened. Moreover, not the superfluous will remove handles from windows that kids independently could not open a frame.