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Resort acceleration of Kabardino - Balkarii

Development of resorts in the North Caucasus will not stop from - for possible complications of operative conditions in this region. It became clear by results of the International economic forum in St.-Petersburg. North Caucasian resorts one of the most considerable on volume of financing of the agreements signed at a forum &ndash concerned; the agreement between Open Society « Resorts of the North Caucasus » (KSK) and a consortium of the French banks. The agreement confirms not only readiness of the federal centre to continue resort building on caucasus, but also its intention to reduce to a reasonable minimum state expenses on this building. As it is known, KSK, the company with the state control, intends to incur only expenses on an infrastructure of the future resorts, and directly tourist objects will be built by private investors. Now and in infrastructural projects there was a partner, ready to incur a considerable part of expenses.

During discussion of the future of North Caucasian resorts at a forum it was visible that a number of regions already accurately know, what exactly will be given to them by new projects. So, representatives of government Kabardino - Balkarii have informed that building of a resort complex « Elbrus – Bezengi » will give to republic about 15 thousand workplaces, and total number of places in new hostels will make 30 thousand. We will remind that Strategy of development of Severo - the Caucasian federal district is calculated till 2025 that means expansion of civil work already in the most foreseeable future.

Concerning Kabardino - Balkarii the forum has responded to a main point: a leah resort projects from - for operating in republic of a mode WHO there will be curtailed or postponed? Participants   a forum from KBR have unequivocally confirmed that no changes of initial plans will exist. President KBR Arsene Kanokov who has taken part in a round table across the North Caucasus at a forum, has confirmed the importance of resort projects for the future region, including for stability strengthening in it.

it is possible, determination of authorities KBR to develop resorts it is connected with last successes on fight against terrorism in this region. We will remind that after murder in February of group of the Moscow tourists going in Prielbruse, on a part of territory KBR the mode of a counterterrorism operation (WHO) has been entered. Results WHO recognised as considerable even the foreign mass-media usually very critically concerning to the policy of Russia on caucasus. « in Kabardino - Balkarii the Antiterrorist committee shows rare efficiency for caucasus. From the beginning of year in republic 37 insurgents, including a considerable part of leaders of an underground » are killed; - experts « ascertain; Radio Freedom ». The mode WHO has demanded from authorities KBR to be engaged in problems unusual for regional officials. For example, with the republican help in settlements strong points of police which earlier from - for weak equipment were frequent object of an attack of insurgents have been repaired and strengthened. Now, if to believe words of experts, there are conditions when the republican power can be engaged more actively in tourist projects which she already declared earlier the priority.