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In Khabarovsk have discussed culture development

As informs a press - service of the Legislative thought of Khabarovsk territory,   with the report on measures on culture development in regional parliament the minister of culture of edge Alexander Fedosov has acted. He has underlined that in edge territory there is an upgrade of management system by culture sphere for what the most advanced and innovative methods take root.

According to Alexander Fedosov, now in edge operate 697 state and culture municipal authorities. These are children`s schools of arts, theatres, dosugovye and educational institutions, libraries, museums, cinemas, parks. Also in edge territory branches of the All-Russia public creative organisations, national - the cultural centres function.

Among culture establishments the special place is occupied with libraries and museums. Today many efforts are directed on preservation and development of library and museum funds of edge. For today book funds of libraries in Khabarovsk territory make about 9,2 million copies. Within the limits of the federal target program   « Culture of Russia » in 2010 the project « is realised; Modelling rural libraries » allowed   to create information centres on the basis of 4 libraries of Verhnebureinsky, Komsomol, Ohotsky and Khabarovsk areas and   to equip with their equipment in cost   more   2 million roubles.

the museum fund of edge Has increased also. Now it makes 809 thousand units of storage of subjects of material and spiritual culture of the people of Russia and abroad. Among them – unique exhibits from history of the Far East.

artly - aesthetic education the system role Every year increases in maintenance of employment of all age categories of the population, the organisation of leisure, preventive maintenance of offences, a narcotism, neglect and others asotsialnyh displays. In edge operates 2 thousand club formations and associations in which realise the abilities   from above   48 thousand   the person,   from them 23 thousand – children.

That culture establishments developed and have been claimed, in edge the program of upgrade municipal « is developed; the culture centres ». Since 2012 it is planned to increase financing by their technical maintenance. In particular, spectator armchairs, light and sound equipment, musical instruments will be updated. Also within the limits of strategy of development of culture in December, 2011 is planned to accept   a government program « Culture of Khabarovsk territory » which will allow to create the uniform information automated system « Management of development of sphere of culture of Khabarovsk territory ».

Within the limits of the decision of problems on cultural heritage preservation   the system of actions   is realised; on the state protection of objects of a cultural heritage. On the beginning of 2011 on the state account in edge 1354 immovable objects historical and a cultural heritage consist. 42 from them – monuments of federal value, 461 – the regional. And petroglify Sikachi - Aljana are entered in the list the World legacy of UNESCO.