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eks - head Sredneuralska sits, but its business lives. With new episodes

Couple of years back Sredneuralsk also replenishes has stirred up news: mayor Alexey Danilov has not appeared on the workplace. Instead of there was a head in an office because has been strongly prosecuted by an important subjects:   gave evidences   on the case of official abusings. Their trace lasted   to autumn of 2007 when Alexey Danilov has for nothing sold municipal base of rest « Energetik » in the property to good people. Then base   in cost of 120 million 800 thousand roubles has left municipality for 30 million. And here that no competition thus existed, the court has sentenced eks - head to 3 years of a corrective standard regime penal colony. In 2010 Alexey has gone to serve time,   but it seemed to inspectors that there is in all it any reticence. And they have continued to dig. As it has appeared, knowingly. Have calculated - taki and   earlier stories   adventures of head.

In September, 2006 then still the head of city district Alexey Danilov has published the decision about realisation of one premise in the street Bekhterev in private hands. In two million flat in cost   has got to the necessary people almost four times more cheaply. All looked chistenko: the municipal enterprise and committee on management of municipal property fairly sells to certain Joint-Stock Company « Three masters » an uninhabited premise.   but through short time « masters »   have concluded the contract of purchase and sale with the daughter of former head Sredneuralska. Have thrown - that practically nothing – ten thousand roubles - also have sold to the daddy`s daughter.   for 556 thousand.

But also this money to   city treasury   have not reached.

- After realisation of this premise money from the transaction in the budget of city district Sredneuralsk actually has not arrived, -   the representative of investigatory management Alexander Shulga adds. -   a crime have revealed including employees of department on struggle against economic crimes of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on Sverdlovsk area.

it is not excluded that to those to three danilovskim to years of a standard regime penal colony will be added some more.