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Transbaikalian police officers have passed special training

In a press - to group UFSSP of Russia on Transbaikalian edge have informed that judicial pristavvy which have the right to carrying of the weapon and special means have passed special training.

For 10 days of training experts have mastered standard - legal base of office activity, the work organisation on maintenance of the established order of an activity of the courts, and also have seized skills of prevention of conflict situations in dialogue with citizens.

As the assistant to the main court enforcement officer of Transbaikalian edge Paul has told Cook:

- the Special attention at training was given to mastering of security measures at use of physical force, spetssredstv and fire-arms, to legality observance at their use. Without special training of the court enforcement officer disarm the rights of carrying and do not suppose to carrying out of the office actions which performance can pass in such conditions.

After a course each employee has passed complex examination to confirm mastering of the received skills. All examined have shown knowledge of legal bases of office activity, suffices high level of physical preparation, ability to be converted with fire-arms.