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From administration of Lenin area of Barnaul demand to clean unapproved dumps

Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area in Barnaul has confirmed that in this disctrict of the city unapproved dumps settle down.

As the public prosecutor of Lenin area of Barnaul Vladimir Yelizarov has informed , the Office of Public Prosecutor with attraction of the expert of Management of natural resources and preservations of the environment of Altay territory spends check of observance of the legislation of area of the reference with production wastes and consumption in area territory.

- Check elicits the facts of unapproved placing of a waste in territory of a protective forest belt on journey Base opposite to Open Society building « BMK » in territory near to a fence of warehouses TK « Maria - Ra » on avenue of Cosmonauts, 67, a protective forest belt on avenue of Cosmonauts opposite to the former range BSHZ, along bulk road on avenue Cosmonauts towards cottage settlement the Solar Glade, in territory of the metal garages located near to the industrial case on street of G.Titov, 35, to 2, - have informed in law enforcement bodies.

In Lenin district court the statement of claim in interests of an uncertain circle of persons to administration of Lenin area about vozlozhlozhenii is shown a duty to organise work on gathering and export of the specified waste.