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In the Irkutsk region all forest fires

to Employees of timber enterprises are extinguished and avialesoohrany it is necessary to finish two small fires in Kachugsky area of area. One of them the area of 175 hectares literally couple of days ago raged in Bajkalo - Lensk reserve. The area of the second was on 5 hectares more, also crones of trees here burnt.

- At present both these of a fire are stopped, - has informed «» the dispatcher of Irkutsk base of aviation forest conservation. – fire does not extend further. There is a probability that by the end of day fires completely liquidate.

Experts recognise: in many respects suppression of fires was contributed by rains which have passed these days on area. There were no deposits, perhaps, only in Bodaibo. There, according to employees avialesoohrany, now there is a heat. In other areas there were thunder-storms, downpours, incessant rains.

But to write off all merits on suppression of natural fires only on weather it is not necessary. In wood many people, a special equipment work. In Bajkalo - Lensk reserve, for example, the fire is extinguished by 28 persons, among them foresters, parachutists, local residents. Involved even helicopter Mi - 8. On the second fire 22 persons of their aviafire service, including 12 - from Khabarovsk work.