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Criminal case upon falling of the child from a window 7 floors inhabited in Tomsk will not raise

Investigatory committee on the Tomsk region by results of spent dosledstvennoj check in criminal case excitation has refused.

we Will remind, on June, 15th, 2011 in militia have informed that under apartment house windows the corpse of the child lies.

As inspectors, mother, the father and two children age 1 year of 8 months have established lived in an apartment house on the seventh floor. That tragical day the man was at home with two sons. Children played to a room, periodically left on the glazed loggia, on an open shutter the grid has been fixed moskitnaja. For some time the man left a room to pour out a pot and when has returned, has seen on a loggia only one child. A moskitnoj grid at a window was not, and the dropped out child in the street lay. The doctors who have arrived into place of the first help verified death from the physical injuries received at falling from height.

Based on the results of testing the decision on refusal in criminal case excitation under articles « has been passed; murder » « deliberate causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed on imprudence death of the victim » and « death causing on imprudence » in connection with absence of event of a crime.

Now inspectors find out, a leah is guilty men of a crime provided by article « ostavlenie in danger ». Business now is passed in militia department 4 Departments of Internal Affairs on the city of Tomsk.