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The best seaside artists will show to inhabitants of Vladivostok whom see a favourite city

Vladivostok – it is concentration of energy of people creative, opened to all new, cheerful. A city which should be loved. It attracts and tempts, when are far from it, and fills with inexplicable pleasure when it appear in its limits. It excites. It the majority of artists which live sees such and create in Vladivostok.  

Veniamin Goncharenko, Sergey Tcherkasov, Vladimir Tsoy, Ilya Butusov, Oksana and Evgenie Osipovy, John Kudryavtsev, Vladimir Starovojtov, Sergey Simakov, Maria Kholmogorov, Yury Valentinovich Sobchenko, Victor Nikonovich Starovojtov – all of them were converted time and again to a genre of a city landscape in search of possibility to express the emotions, feelings and experiences.  

How much artists – it is so much and opinions.

Vladivostok Veniamin Goncharenko   - Bright, juicy, despite that the city is represented in the evening days. On cloths strong and exact dabs the artist has passed sensation of freshness of sea air, power of large port and tranquility of the Vladivostok night.

Sergey Tcherkasov has filled the works with air and special mood of Vladivostok on which there is a nostalgia at all left of a city.

Vladimir Pogrebnjak with inherent in it one thin kind irony has represented hurrying where - that the people reflected in pools who have not time to evaporate in a turn of typhoons.

Masha Holmogorovoj`s Hyperrealistic manner forces to doubt the spectator where it is, in gallery or in the street cities.

Ilya Butusov in characteristic to it to a manner by means of the graceful and verified images has created a city romantic and a bit mystical.

the Exhibition has already opened in gallery « the Arch » also will last till July, 9th.