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Novosibirsk high-rise buildings will equip with lifts for cars

As developers of the project have explained, park on similar parking not most skilled driver can even. It is enough to call in only exactly in boxing on the special pallet – all other work will be made by technics. On the second floor the car is lifted by the special electrolift. All this procedure is a lot of time will not occupy. On the average on a parking it is required no more than 2 - 5 minutes. Otdalenno the system reminds lift work. The operation course is watched by the employee of a parking.

- Advantage of such parking to a city that it can well be entered in any territory, - was underlined by mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky. – we build such lay centres including to impart culture of a parking.   if we, for example, forbid the driver to leave the car in not put place we and should give an alternative variant of a special platform.  

there Is a similar parking complex from 27 to 30 million roubles. As the town governor has noted, the parking space price will define a demand of such parking. If on them there will be a great demand among townspeople also the place on such parking becomes accessible to each motorist.