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During festival on Mastrjukovsky lakes 30 children

Perhaps, any large action, whether it be festival fate - music or bardovskoj songs were lost, does not do without incidents. « Grushinsky » - not an exception. That on Mastrjukovsky lakes that on Fedorovsky meadows, guards stood almost continually. So, at festival « the Platform » 75 police officers round the clock were on duty. As they said, this time all has passed rather easy. Policemen say that large incidents has not been fixed. At the same time some overlays have occurred. So, according to police, on Mastrjukovsky lakes 30 children were lost. A part from them have returned to parents, a part have sent home. On two adults have written out the administrative penalty. Guards have found their children in a state of intoxication, to children was not and 16 years.

One more penalty have written out to the guy who walked about on Mastrjukovsky lakes with a swastika which has been drawn on all chest. Business have passed in Administrative world court. As a whole guards say that festival on Mastrjukovsky lakes – the quietest for last five years.

As to traumas to physicians it was converted behind the help of 70 persons. The most part of traumas not heavy – dislocations, stretchings, bruises. There were two serious cases - an appendicitis attack (the patient have taken away to Samara) and matochnoe a bleeding.

On Fedorovsky meadows 12 reports on administrative offences have been made. It is fixed four thefts – them have made « guest performers » from Kazakhstan. Guards have detained one person with a gun.

To physicians it was converted not so many people. Serious there was only one case - at 17 - the summer girl there was an epilepsy attack. To it have assisted, she has refused hospitalisation.