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Explosion and fire have occurred on a landing-stage in the Saratov region

In the city of Engels of the Saratov region on Sunday has blown up and has burnt down the floating landing-stage standing at quay of Volga. There are wounded men and, probably, a victim.

According to Investigatory committee (SK) the Russian Federation, this morning on a landing-stage the cylinder with the prosir has blown up. Then the fire after which from a landing-stage there was only its water part, set of fragments of the scorched tree and the hurt metal has begun.

Four persons after the happened have got to hospital, and the woman who was inside to find yet it was not possible.

On a landing-stage was six persons - its tenant who during explosion has not suffered, one more man and three women who have been hospitalised with traumas of various severity level. The site 63 - the summer woman who were on a landing-stage, is not established. On the given fact investigating bodies of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation across the Saratov region spend dosledstvennaja check - informs a press - service SK of the Russian Federation.

On a place of state of emergency inspectors, rescuers and divers now work.