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In the Belgorod region in the river Oskol after torrential rains fish

the Terrible picture was lost fishermen from starooskolskogo have seen one of these days villages Sorokino. Throughout all river Oskol, in a coastal zone in floating seaweed thousand dead fishes lay.   a lot of fish has emerged before thresholds and   has captivated space of all river. Half-dead large fish ran aground. The water edge has been literally covered by half-dead pikes and white breams.   the rotten stuff smell stood on all district.

Local residents blame for it   system of treatment facilities which after torrential rains does not cope with a drainage system. From - for it sewage gets to the river.

However administration starooskolkogo « the Water canal » this information denies.  

- Harmful components from clearing pipes cannot get to water, - the director   has declared; MUP « the Water canal » Egor Gridnev. - Dead fish is sent for examination in capital laboratories. Water samples are taken. However to name a true cause of death experts while cannot name, results of analyses of the taken tests in the near future should be ready.

Under unchecked versions, mor fishes could occur from - for   washout of agricultural fertilizers from local fields. One more prospective reason   -   change of a chemical compound of water after torrential rains.