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Near SPK « Zavolzhsky » in the Tver region fasts and disinfection barriers

the Entrance to a rural industrial complex " are exposed; Zavolzhsky that is in Kalininsky area, now reminds a military facility. On an entrance are exposed sanposty. It and it is no wonder, after all this economy is one of the largest who specialise on cultivation of pigs.  

- At us after all here the basic road to Darkness, and there some beaches good, cars only for target thousand go there - here, - security guard Nikolay speaks. - it is necessary to tell that responsible for quarantine in area have reacted quickly, to us sanposty have exposed in a day after there was an information on infection possibility. Any car which gets to us on territory, at first drives dezbarer, eir a strip which is processed 2 % by a solution kausticheskoj soda, and then still wheels are processed by special structure.  

I Will remind, the first centre of the African plague of pigs in Verhnevolzhe has appeared in territory of the Corrective colony 4 in Tozhke, then sick animals have been found out in Vyshnevolotsky, Bologovsky and areas Kalininskoi. More in detail about it read in a subject: the African plague of pigs in the Tver region .