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Every day 44 thousand patients are converted into polyclinics of Primorski Krai

In Primorski Territory almost 99 hospitals and 219 polyclinics, clinics and ambulance stations operate. Simultaneously for a working day they are capable to accept 43,9 thousand persons. It on 887 visitations is more than level of last year. In 2010 in edge three hospitals were closed, the number of stationary places was as a result reduced to 71 cot.

Growth of number of illnesses was observed on mental frustration and behaviour frustration (increase at 19,7 percent), on traumas, poisonings and some other consequences to influences of the external reasons (for 17,2 percent), by illnesses endokrinnoj systems, to frustration of a food and metabolism infringements   (for 4,9 percent), urinogenital system (for 2,4 percent), nervous system (for 1,5 percent).

By data « Primorskstata » among hvorej in edge the basic share is made by illnesses of respiratory organs – 38,8 percent, traumas and poisonings – 16,8 percent), illnesses of urinogenital system (6,3 percent).