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The reason of deluging of settlements in Khabarovsk territory - a bad status of dams

Office of Public Prosecutor of Khabarovsk territory, checking the fact of deluging of settlements around a name of Lazo, has found out that dams in territory of nine rural settlements do not meet the requirements of the legislation, have no proprietor and do not consist on the account in the Russian register of hydraulic engineering constructions of the Ministry of natural resources. It also has served as the reason of occurrence of an emergency situation.   Besides, in territory of five rural settlements there are no sound means of the notification.

Now regional OVD checks the facts of causing of a material damage to citizens, and also – negligence presence in actions of officials at the prevention of act of nature and liquidation of its consequences.  

we Will remind: on June, 22nd plentiful deposits have led to sharp increase of a water level in upper courses of the rivers Chorus, Sukpaj, Kija, Mataj. In total in a flooding zone there were 11 settlements with quantity of persons living 3,8 thousand.

Now on control there are 5 settlements where flooding of apartment houses, cellars, kitchen gardens and pridomovyh territories is marked.