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For infringements of fire security 10 criminal cases are raised in the Amur woods

found out that the authorised and supervising bodies did not accept all necessary measures on the organisation of suppression of forest fires, attraction of enough of technics and people. Local governments allocated not enough money for maintenance of measures of fire security. Where - that is not present mineralizovannyh strips and fire-prevention ruptures round settlements. Not everywhere there is the external fire-prevention water supply, the equipped entrances to water sources and etc.

In particular, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Selemdzhinsky area has inspected on four forest fires in the Norsky reserve, happened in this year. A total area of the territory which have suffered from fire – more than 900 hectares. Then officials of reserve have not in due time informed on the begun fires, in time have not organised their suppression. As a result addressed to head GPZ « Norsky » The regional public prosecutor has brought representation about elimination of the revealed infringements.

Besides, check materials have directed to investigatory department on Selemzhinsky area of investigatory management SKP of Russia across the Amur region. Criminal case p.1 item 293 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation &ndash has been brought; a negligence.

Criminal case under the same article have raised and in Zejsky area. From - for negligent actions at fire extinguishing in the Dugdinsky forest area the large damage has been caused wood fund. The fire proceeded from June, 15 till June, 21st, the total area has made it almost 2200 hectares.

In whole, this year the Office of Public Prosecutor has revealed 636 infringements of the legislation on fire security in woods with a view of which elimination 307 representations about elimination of infringements have been brought. 167 officials have involved in a disciplinary responsibility, 100 – to the administrative. Besides, 10 criminal cases have been raised. Their investigation is on control in Office of Public Prosecutor. The Office of Public Prosecutor of the Amur region informs on it .