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The company aerokuzbass recognised as the infringer of the antimonopoly law

a Legal investigation, raised in the company relation, has taken place on the eve of a past week-end. And during its consideration it was found out that Open Company « aerokuzbass » has refused the contract conclusion on storage of fuel from one of airlines. Besides, in every possible way evaded from the conclusion of such contract, despite the fact that, rendering of such service was able the airport.

- According to the explanatories presented by Open Society Airline Siberia in the presence of possibility of storage of the aviation fuel got by the company independently, its expenses on aviation kerosene considerably would decrease that, accordingly, would allow to reduce the prices for air tickets, – have informed in a press - service Kemerovo UFAS.

In spite of the fact that Open Company « aerokuzbass » Recognised as guilty of transgression about a competition, the organisation will not incur any serious punishment. The writ about the termination of infringement of the antimonopoly law is given out the company only.