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Swindlers from Ufa have deceived almost 2000 pensioners on seven millions roubles

Until recently in republic capital the decent and solid firm worked, at first sight, quite to itself. And even business, like, good was engaged. Open Company firm « Honey - Intel » sold to pensioners and veterans of war a certain medical super device which relieves of all existing and nonexistent illnesses.

Thus « a miracle » to the domestic medical industry costed absolutely nedeshevo – from 14 to 211 thousand roubles. But the good bonus &ndash was offered pensioners and participants of war; to pay it it was necessary only about five thousand roubles. Other the state has already taken care and has paid for them. The most interesting that a miracle - the device really cost all about 800 roubles.

For three years, with 2007 on 2010, swindlers « have put » 1778 pensioners. It only those who is recognised by the victim. Quite probably that their real number is much more. Criminal case consists of a large quantity of volumes – 1476! And the general damage makes the sum in more, than seven millions roubles.

- Investigation of the given criminal case was spent by inspectors of the republican Ministry of Internal Affairs. Business in the relation of 11 accused is passed in court. For swindle it are threatened with imprisonment within ten years, – the public prosecutor of Ordzhonikidzevsky area of Ufa A.Suvorov has told to us .