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Governor Priamurja has supported the offer on Valentina Matvienko`s purpose for a post of the chairman of the council of Federation

Possibility of promotion of Valentina Matvienko on fast of the speaker of the upper chamber of the Russian Parliament the public discusses actively. With such offer a number of governors is voiced, whose idea is supported also by the president of Russia. The colleagues - heads of the Russian subjects has supported and the governor of the Amur region Oleg Kozhemjako . He has already defined position about this important for political life of the country to a question in a personal blog:

- to Valentine Ivanovnu I know personally many years, - the governor writes. - we together worked from the end of the ninetieth, the beginning of two-thousand years when it supervised social sphere in the federal government. I not seldom participated in sessions of the government as the councillor of Federation, then sotsialka was the most problem area in life of Russia. Those years the country was restored, left on a new stage of development. These are questions of public health services, provision of pensions, all was then very difficult. To it all these problems should be solved very operatively in absence of due financing, the software. Further it had a huge and incomparable experience of a management by one of the largest and not similar on one another subjects of our country. Eight years she is a governor of St.-Petersburg. Whoever that spoke, but for these years the city on Neva became one of the most visited places tourists from every corner of the globe. It enters now by right into world tourist elite. It is assured, Valentina Ivanovna - the head of the highest rank, will cope with a task in view, after all it is the person, capable to make the weighed decisions, a having wide experience of work in the most various state structures, giving without the rest to work. To it trusts and not only the population of St.-Petersburg which always historically was considered as a stronghold of the Russian intelligency, and it is expensive costs, but also the country leaders. Experience of its work takes for a basis heads of other Russian subjects. For Valentina Matvienko`s operating time the governor sew northern capital, in St.-Petersburg have been realised a number of large investment projects. Peter has got absolutely other face for these years, in a city have earned the serious enterprises, the huge attention is given to a historical legacy of our unique city on Neva. It was possible to find the financing mechanism on restoration of buildings and monuments of federal value. I with Valentina Ivanovnoj worked in 2009 in State Council Presidium. Those questions which it brought for discussion, have key value not only for St.-Petersburg, but also for all country as a whole. It studies these subjects and taking into account experience of the governmental work in social sphere, and taking into account experience of the head of region. I consider, it can defend interests of subjects in the Federation Council, he/she is the person - knowing a real problematics of regions in every respect, it as anybody another is prepared for such work, is capable to go and achieve the planned objective. Besides, I am solidary with opinion of the President. Women always decorate our life, the woman on such supervising fast is will be some kind of a fresh stream in the Russian policy that will beneficently affect as a whole a situation in political arena, will strengthen positions of the Upper chamber of the Russian parliament and will give new possibilities for development of Russia.