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Albazinsky jail investigate a new geophysical method

Village Albazino it is considered the first Russian settlement on the Cupid. By today the Albazinsky jail - a strong hold about ten hundred parts - was saved by the area only partially. A platform strongly porosla invaluable certificates of history of Priamurja are a grass, but under it. Their local residents find here almost every day in the court yard and kitchen gardens. For example, recently one of albazintsev has found at itself in a court yard a skull of the unknown ancient settler. And now scientists have already established approximate age of excavation. Probably, soon she will recruit ranks of exhibits of Albazinsky museum of local lore.

Till May, 2011 a history monument investigated exclusively by means of excavation. Now geophysics of the gold mining company « Petropavlovsk » under the initiative have begun research of the Albazinsky jail by a new geophysical method.   the method works without direct penetration into the earth. By means of magnetic investigation of all for 3 seconds archeologists have seen that is on depth of several metres underground, and then have made a map of the underground plan of a jail. But to dig out valuable places archeologists do not hurry up yet. All the matter is that on the bank of the Cupid are the deep cracks in which sweep now and employees of the centre on studying istoriko - a cultural heritage of the Amur region under the direction of director Nikolay Zajtseva are engaged.

company Geophysics were ill with new idea - to find in territory of Albazino the rests nadvratnoj a tower and Voskresensky church. And this year they dream to find out the Spassky monastery. Fund socially - the focused projects « Petropavlovsk » it is ready to finance completely all excavation, yet without counting on the help of the regional government. And it in spite of the fact that such works are completely not cheap business. Only on processing of 100 square metres of territory of a jail it is required about 500 thousand roubles.

- Researches which we spend in the Albazinsky jail, the first in own way and, most likely, they will lead to scale opening. Our problem not any concrete to find values. Now it is important to know and propagandise the history, history of Priamurja to tell about it to the children, - the founder of Fund of socially focused projects and programs « has told; Petropavlovsk » Paul Maslovsky.

In the nearest plans at   Ministry of culture of area and our museum of local lore   - to recreate the Albazinsky jail full-scale. It becomes following step on a way of restoration of this unique monument of federal value.