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To Putin have suggested to open on place BTSBK a gambling zone

As it is known, one of these days in the Uhlan - Ude has visited the Chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. There the meeting of the prime minister with business - community, and one of its representatives - - the head of a group of companies « has been organised; Metropol » Michael Slipenchuk, the organizer of expedition « the Worlds on Baikal » has voiced some curious offers. In particular, to close BTSBK, and on its place to construct a gambling zone.

  Michael Slipenchuk has told that « will not ask anything for itself, and will designate a circle of the questions which decision is impossible without assistance of the federal government » informs a press - service GK « Metropol ».  

In its opinion, it is necessary to connect BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway; to develop small aircraft and dotirovat it from the state budget; to provide with cheap gas Buryatiya, the Chita region and Mongolia; to create uniform « Command control centre » ecology of Baikal, because now this point in question   « are engaged » 15 isolated departments, and it interfere with development of a tourist infrastructure in Baikalsk region.