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Stross - Caen can become the claimant

Criminal case against the former head of IMF Dominica to Stross - Cana, accused of New York in sexual harassments is scattered, as kakrtochnyj a small house.

new details of business which only add whists " every day emerge; to the tyrant .

Not so long ago it became known that the raped parlourmaid worked on a mafia, and then inspectors have found in indications istitsy set of contradictions.

in this connection defender Stross - Cana Baris Palant has noticed that business can collapse to court. And under the petition of the Office of Public Prosecutor. And itself eks - the head of IMF can act with the claim to state of New York where it has been placed for a lattice.

in the light of the new information on the person istitsy the position of Office of Public Prosecutor looks very weak though it has not closed its business. But in view of already inconsistent indications of the parlourmaid against Stross - Cana business can collapse to court. I think, the Office of Public Prosecutor itself will submit the petition for business closing - Palant has told.

Earlier judge Michael Obas, engaged in business, has cancelled pledge to the suspect, and now the former head of IMF Dominik Stross - Caen is under house arrest only on the basis of own guarantee.  

After that inspectors vysjanili that the parlourmaid deceived tax and social bodies, and also, possibly, has lain at evidences of oath before the grand jury.

the First that we, lawyers, should make on court before jurymen, it to destroy trust to indications of the witness. We speak: Indications of this person cannot be believed, because... . In a case from the parlourmaid of the reasons more than it is enough. If during direct or cross-examination on court false nature of the witness it is clear is opened that it, or in this case to its indications of trust will not be - Palant has told.

Other witnesses on business of the French politician and the financier, except most istitsy, no. However, there are still as has shown DNA analysis, traces a biomaterial left Stross - Caen on a prospective scene of crime. But these traces in itself do not speak about violent acts from the potential applicant for fast of the president of France. - protection is assured.  

At istitsy can select the status of the political refugee even if the document on constant residence permit is given already out. It can have big troubles. With the parlourmaid criminal prosecution apropos ogovora also threatens Stross - Cana. For such prestupleniej it is quite possible to receive and prison term. In this case Stross - Caen can become a victim naveta and from accused to turn to a victim of a crime - considers Palant.

In case criminal case nevertheless rassypetsja, obolgannyj the politician can condemn state of New York, passes RIA News .