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The customs has not started up on Brjanshchinu more than 19 tons of the Greek peaches

On the international check point « Troebortnoe » peaches have arrived yesterday, on June, 23rd.

  - However on it their travel from Greece to Russia has ended, - informs a press - Upravlenija Rosselhoznadzora service on Bryansk and Smolensk areas. - as has established laboratory research, peaches have appeared are infected by caterpillars east plodozhorki.

According to requirements of fytosanitory security the party of peaches will be returned the exporter.

the INQUIRY «»

East plodozhorka – the dangerous wrecker of an apple-tree, a pear, plum, a peach, a quince and many other fruit-trees. Adult caterpillars plodozhorki to 13 mm in length, red colour with a brown head. Hurt plodozhorkoj runaways fade, are braided and dry up. Hurts both pulp, and seeds. In one fruit   Some tens caterpillars can eat at once.

On settlements in which it is found out east plodozhorka, quarantine is imposed. From such points it is forbidden to take out and send by mail, the railway, planes and other types of transport fresh fruits and saplings which are hurt plodozhorkoj.