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In Barnaul will judge owners of an elite brothel

One of these days Office of Public Prosecutor of Altay territory has passed in court business about an elite brothel in October area of Barnaul over which supervised 28 - the summer woman with the help three more person.

- the Brothel worked since December, 2009. Owners organised it on demountable apartment, removing it under the pretext of a married couple. Each apartment where there was a brothel, was equipped with necessary furniture, home appliances, accessories and role suits were bought. Expensive alcohol was got, - have told in Office of Public Prosecutor of Altay territory. -   « salon » positioned itself as an elite institution for men of means, the services given in it, were estimated in 3000 roubles in an hour. Also there was a service « an escort » with departure with the client in a place of its rest, the quotation for it began with 15 thousand roubles a day.

the mistress herself personally searched for Girls through announcements in gezete and through the Internet: promised the salary to 100 tyjasch roubles and flexible hours. So young girls got to its networks, including minors.

Threatens the mistress of a brothel and its assistants till 8 years of imprisonment.