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In Omsk murderers of the taxi driver

the concluded colonies - settlements 25 - summer Millers and 38 - summer Abaskalov are denounced on February, 18th, 2009, having used that the correctional facility administration has allowed to fall outside the limits a colony for work, have asked the taxi driver to bring them to Kormilovsky area. Denounced planned to steal a foreign car.

Near to Kormilovki Abaskalov has started to smother the taxi driver, and Millers, began to beat the man a metal subject. Prisoners have brought a body of the taxi driver to wood near to railroad tracks about village Bogdanovka where have hidden in   a deserted place. Killed they hid month the car in garage Melnikova. Soon, being afraid of exposure, the owner of boxing has burnt the stolen foreign car.

- Concerning Melnikova and Abaskalova criminal case under articles « has been brought; Murder » and « Robbery » - Larissa Boldinova has told the senior assistant administrator SKR across the Omsk region. – Besides, Millers it was accused of deliberate destruction of another`s property by an arson. The court recognised as their guilty and has sentenced Abaskalova to 19,5 years of imprisonment, Melnikova – by 15,5 years of imprisonment in a colony of strictly mode.

the Sentence has not entered validity and can be appealed against.