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Field investigators of Abakan have detained the marksman who has wounded the teenager in the street

to Employees of operative group of Abakan all - taki it was possible to detain suspected of shooting from the pneumatic weapon in the teenager. We will remind, on June, 28th, two boys went along the street. Suddenly someone has shot at one of them from driving by the car. The schoolboy at all has understood at once that has occurred. It has appeared that a bullet « pneumatic » from which shot, has got to it directly to a forehead and has passed under a skin. Fortunately, ranka it has appeared not serious.

Searches of the shooting have begun immediately. The hitch was that eyewitnesses of incident practically were not. And still the person of the suspect managed to be established. The sixteen-year guy has appeared it. That has made, the guy does not repent at all, and says that wanted to scare boys simply.

Similar incident far not individual recently. Shooting cases in people and animals from the pneumatic weapon have become frequent from - that it is popular. Police officers ask parents to concern more seriously acquisition of the weapon for the children.