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The inhabitant of the Vologda area has dumped the son in a well, recognising in it a devil

Accident has occurred in one of settlements of Sjamzhensky area past Friday, 29 - go July. The local resident has thrown the son in a well, when to it pochudios that it a devil.

- When the woman has dragged the child to a well, under its indications, she wanted to destroy a devil. To it in it has come in dream whether lines, whether a devil, - has told to the correspondent « Natalia Letenkova, the senior assistant administrator of Investigatory management of Investigatory committee of Russia on the Vologda area. - it actually mentally is not healthy and now is in regional psychiatric hospital.

Under the version of the investigation in the evening the woman was at itself on kitchen together with the son. Suddenly unexpectedly it has seized 9 - the summer boy in an armful and has dragged on street. When it has approached to a well and has opened a cover, the boy began to escape from hands of mother. But the woman took the child for feet and has dumped it in a well. After it has simply closed a cover of the hatch and has left home.

By miracle the survived boy: « Mum has seized me, has dragged to a well and has thrown me there »

the Boy has fallen headfirst from height more than two metres. During falling he has managed to be grouped and land on feet. To the child has carried that in a well there was no water. On a timbered felling the boy has risen upward, has uncovered a well and has got out.

the Consequence establishes all circumstances of the committed crime. Concerning 40 - the summer woman have filed criminal charges under article « Attempt at murder ».

Both parents are accused of inadequate execution of the parental duties. The regional Office of Public Prosecutor collects all necessary documents for transfer of materials to court.