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In Krasnodar territory have brought action in the relation of the doctor, from - for which the lying-in woman

In the city of Labinsk of Krasnodar territory inspectors has died have filed criminal charges concerning former managing gynecologic branch of the Moscow Tovsky regional hospital, suspected of death causing on imprudence owing to inadequate execution of the professional duties (ch. 2 items 109 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

- In gynecologic branch of municipal authority « Moscow Tovsky TSRB » the young woman with the diagnosis « has arrived; 38 - 39 weeks of pregnancy » which under the recommendation of the doctor hospitalised prior to the beginning of sorts. On July, 20th after the delivery a natural way at the woman has begun massive krovopoterja. Thereupon the doctor independently was the emergency therapy directed on a stop of a bleeding is spent. As the state of health of the patient did not improve, on July, 22nd it has been translated in a city city hospital of Krasnodar where has died on September, 01st, 2010, - have told in a press - service of SOU SKR across Krasnodar territory.

the necessary investigatory actions directed on an establishment of all circumstances of the committed crime are now spent. Criminal case investigation proceeds.

we Will remind that the material « became a push to that inspectors were engaged in this business; Krasnodar territory the patient has died after the delivery from - that the doctor was not three hours on a place