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Novosibirsk Stalin`s dog has collected all world titles

One of these days in Paris has passed the World championship where at once two representatives of Russian black terriers from Novosibirsk became absolute winners in the breed.  

- All 23 thousand dogs of all breeds took part in the World championship, - Natalia Kirillov, the head and the mistress of nursery « tells; Blek Rossi ». – At first our Siberian « chernysh » has got to number 400 of the selected champions, and next day in the open Championship of France « ZHerom » has confirmed the highest level, having won a class of Champions.   one more young representative of nursery participated in festival « Fangorn » which in the World championship has won a class of puppies, and after became the best puppy of breed.

Thus, the nursery crew has returned from Paris, having been ahead of schedule. Russian black terrier from Novosibirsk or as it still name, « Stalin`s dog » became the World champion   and the best representative of breed from 136 same dogs from every corner of the globe. And the small champion « Fangorn » right after all actions has left to live to Hungary in friendly nursery and already on hardly will return   in a native city.

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« ZHerom » from early age has been adequately noted both Russian, and foreign experts, and practically all marked its highest pedigree level and designated to it career of the world Champion. « ZHeromu » only 2,5 years, and it already has all higher world titles that speaks about its uniqueness. 11 times « ZHerom » won Besty of Juniors, and 3 of them at the international exhibitions. Already 5 times he won adult Best in Show (the Best dog of an exhibition) and 15 times won competition « Hope and Pride of Russia ». « ZHerom » the young and adult Champion of Russia, as the young and adult Champion of National Club of Breed. And and « ZHerom » and « Fangorn » are dogs received in several generations in Siberia.