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Brejvik has demanded to appoint its commander-in-chief VS of Norway

Anders Brejvik , the made double act of terrorism in Norway, has offered the transaction to a consequence.

the Terrorist   it is ready to merge   to a consequence the data   about underground right groupings which, under its statement, prepare new sorties.

Brejvik has demanded its purpose “ the commander-in-chief armed forces of Norway, refusal of a holy table of king Haralda V and resignation of the present government of the Norwegian workers` party.

32 - the summer terrorist has declared existence “ series of terrorist cells across all Europe, including two in Norway ”.

He admitted that wanted to arrange also explosions in a royal palace and staff NRP in Oslo.

the Lawyer   terrorist Gejr Lippestad earlier on a press - conference has not excluded that its client should go on treatment, instead of to prison. “ It will be long litigation ” – the lawyer has noted. “ all event specifies that it – the insane person ” – has specified Lippestad.

Investigation of crimes of Brejvika by which victims on July, 22nd steels of 76 persons, it is conducted under article “ terrorism and terrorist activity ” passes Reuters.