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From - for a carelessness of the employee patrol - sentry duty the three-year girl has suffered at road accident in the Vologda area

Failure in which the three-year girl has suffered, has occurred in the street Park in Cherepovets several weeks ago, 3 - go July.

the employee patrol - sentry duty of militia of the Department of Internal Affairs on the city of Cherepovets has appeared the Originator of road accident. In its relation have filed criminal charges under article « the Infringement of the traffic regulations which have entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm to health ».

- about eight evenings the employee patrol - sentry duty went on own car, it carried on a beach of seven friends with children, - has told to the correspondent « Natalia Letenkova, the senior assistant administrator of Investigatory management of Investigatory committee of Russia on the Vologda area. - in the street Park the man has driven in the car, which has stopped before a pedestrian crossing to pass people. Blow from collision was such force that this car was rolled away on some tens metres.

As a result of failure serious traumas were received by the small passenger of employee PPS.   the Three-year girl sitting in a lap of mother on back sitting of the car, has hit a head about a rack and has received open crisis of a frontal bone and a brain bruise.

All circumstances of failure are established now by inspectors.

By the way, responsibility that the child was on back sitting of a car without the special keeping device, also lays down on the driver.