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Delhi has settled with Teheran a problem of debts

Threat Islamic   republics Iran to stop deliveries black   gold in   India already on August, 1st it has appeared such strong that Delhi has immediately agreed to settle dispute on payments and has promised as soon as possible to pay « oil » debts, it is informed on a site of the ministry of oil of Iran.

On dispute settling has informed also the state news agency of Islamic republic – Irna. Iran provides requirements of India for crude oil almost on 12 %.

By the way to execute   the promise of India   even at   all desire   will be   it is hard, because   international   sanctions   against Iran including United States, considerably complicate remittance through the international banks as it usually becomes in similar cases.

Faults in payment of invoices have been called just by these difficulties. In particular the Reserve bank of India in the end of 2010 has stopped to accept payments in Islamic republic.

, how   will be   to be spent   payments   now, it is not informed. It is known only that   debts   will be paid   in   a kind of two payments. The first sum   should leave in   Teheran   already   in   the nearest   days.